Aquatia: Treacherous Currents - Paperback coming soon!

I've decided to put out a paperback version, to go along with my digital one. They both will be available November 1st! Keep your eye out for it on Amazon!

Aquatia: Before the Storms (Prequel Short Story) Coming Soon!

I'm excited to announce the soon to be released short-story prequel to the Aquatia series, called, "Aquatia: Before the Storms!" I'm madly writing and editing it with hopes of releasing it at the same time as "Aquatia and the Traitorous King," (November 1). The best news is that it will be free! I'll keep you posted right here

"Aquatia (book 1) Treacherous Currents" Available for Pre-Order!

I'm so excited to announce that Aquatia is now available for preorder! For less than a buck you can own your own digital copy and read it to your kids, or just enjoy the adventure for yourself. The cover is still in the works, the current one is only temporary, but to reserve your digital copy of the soon to be best seller (isn't every author required to say that at least once?), click:  j.b. wendel's Amazon Author Page


Mega News! Aquatia will be available November 1! I've decided to publish in ebook through Kindle. Still working out the cover (with the help of my favorite youngest sisters-Chrissi and Ashley), and editing like mad. But it is pretty exciting! You can even Pre-Order soon!